Copenhagen is something special. We live in a big city, where bicycling is the normal way to commute, where we can swim in the harbor, and nature is just a short metro ride away.

I work for a Copenhagen that welcomes everyone who wants to contribute to our great city – irrespective of language, income, religion or ethnicity. I have done so for the last eight years – and will continue to do so.

A great place to grow up

Our children are the most precious part of our lives. As parents, we need to feel secure when we drop off our children at the day care center or the local primary school. Secure that the teachers have the time and the qualifications to provide not only an excellent education but also the ability to inspire and motivate our children. Secure that every child will experience a day filled with fun, care, and learning.

Not long ago, schools in Copenhagen were notoriously worn down. We have secured funding for the renovation of every single school in Copenhagen, and today, these schools receive international architecture awards. The framework is set. Now our focus is on the wellbeing and academic results of our children, and the content of their education.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing in Copenhagen has become harder to find for the many Copenhageners with an average income. This is a dangerous development.

We will ensure that a quarter of all new housing is designated affordable housing. This will entail 10.000 new apartments in the coming 10 years. Copenhagen is for everyone: It must never become a VIP city for the affluent.


Clean air

In the green city of Copenhagen, we should not have to worry about air pollution. We have to be able to walk around our city breathing air that is not compromising our health.

Therefore, we are replacing diesel-fueled buses for electric ones, free from hazardous particle emissions. Moreover, we will work with Parliament to broaden the scope of our Low Emission Zone so all newly registered diesel cars are prohibited from entering the city from 2019. Thereby, we will gradually be phasing out diesel cars from the streets of Copenhagen.

Wood-burning stoves are the epitome of hygge, but also detrimental to our health and the environment. We will set up a rebate scheme so people receive 5.000 kr. for scrapping their old wood-burning stove or replacing it with a new, greener one.


A safe city without gangs

Every person in Copenhagen should feel safe. We will not allow criminals to spread fear or threaten ordinary citizens.

Our approach to gangs is non-compromising. They have no place in our streets. Police patrols and surveillance are part of the visible solution here and now.

But we are also tackling the root causes of crime in the long-run. We have strengthened the preventative work by providing 50 percent more social workers at street level and have made more after-school activities available to keep our kids off the street, out of gangs, and en route to a bright future.